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Mr. Bazzocchi’s professional experiences as an educator, coupled with his application of Choice Theory and understanding of Emotional Intelligence, creates a dynamic opportunity for all educators to reflect on the realities of classroom dynamics and its impact on student self-regulation.  His personality and relaxed style helped to create an interactive environment where professionals honestly reflected and asked questions, thus creating opportunities for sharing and team building.  Grounded in real-life examples and with practical tools to employ, faculty and staff walked away enriched by the experience and with new insights about pedagogy and strategies to implement within the curriculum.  Mr. Bazzocchi will be welcomed back to continue to provide professional development for our faculty and staff.


Dr. Terry Sheridan, Head Master, Northmount School

The Program Coordinators and I had the pleasure of working with Francesco Bazzocchi when we were planning our staff training. Francesco met with us twice prior to our actual staff training, ensuring we understood the content before facilitating it. The training focused on team building, as well as self-awareness and how it is essential when working with others. Francesco delivered the content with enthusiasm, passion, and eloquence. The activities within the training were fun and hands on - which kept our staff engaged. As we work with children, Francesco emphasized the importance of working as a team and being a leader to ensure a safe, fun environment for our members. Our staff left feeling inspired and motived, as they asked for more training similar to what Francesco delivered. We were extremely lucky to have had Francesco Bazzocchi instil his wisdom on all of us coordinators and staff included!


Tony Palermo, Program Director City of Toronto, Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club, Junction Triangle Clubhouse


Francesco Bazzocchi is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the foundations of Choice Theory and is passionate about building successful teams.  He successfully delivered an entertaining and informative two-hour workshop entitled “Building a Championship Culture with Choice Theory” to the staff and leadership team of Everest Academy. The purpose of this introductory workshop was to introduce the Everest team to the fundamental concepts of Choice Theory and build from there. Everest teachers, coaches and administrators were thoroughly engaged through a series of fun activities that helped them to discover the key characteristics of championship teams. Francesco modeled Choice Theory by creating a stimulating, inspiring, learning environment where people were able to learn by doing and reaching their maximum potential.  


Alex (Tim) Sim, Principal, Everest Academy


Francesco provided consulting to senior management team on how to work as team. Provided clear processes and tools to improve communication with teams. All senior managers utilized the tools and learning to deliver our best year on record in 2012.


John Pontarollo, General Manager, Dufferin Aggregates

We set out a plan and had several team meetings to develop “Team Trust and Goals” the team could strive for.  Frenchie’s activities were engaging.  His “Game Mentality’ slideshows and talks were very Inspirational.  The last Trust Commitment Activity participated in was to put forth a personal commitment dedicating the tournament to a “Positive Influence” in their lives.  Frenchie made a positive influence on our team in preparing us to compete! To this day I still have that “Symbol” the boys signed off on as a reminder to our Teams Commitment to winning our 2nd All Ontario Championship! 


Wayne Gagne, Draft Choice Hockey Program Director, 14 OHL Draft Picks


As the teachers at Michael Power St. Joseph High School reviewed their leadership program, they wondered how its horizons could be broadened. Francesco Bazzocchi journeyed to the school and presented to the leadership teachers. His focus on student needs as well as a structured program allowed the teachers to adjust the program’s curriculum to meet the diverse student backgrounds. The program continues to effectively operate within the school.


Joseph Brisbois, Principal, Michael Power St. Joseph High School

I always new Francesco was a great motivator as a coach. He genuinely cares about people. Over the past 22 years I have seen it countless times.  I brought my son to speak with Francesco 5 years ago.  We were hoping to ease our son’s anxiousness and fear. We were hoping to help him gain the confidence to come out of his shell. We are amazed and proud of our son's progress. One thing Francesco taught our son and everyone in our family is that we can “only control our actions” and cannot be consumed with what you cannot control. Mr. Bazzocchi’s knowledge and support has helped our son develop into a caring, confident, intelligent young man.


Parent of a student who obtained Sports Psychology and Student Mental Health Consulting programs

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