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All children deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and are entitled to an excellent education. Teachers and schools are being asked now more than ever to meet the needs of every child. In light of this, we train administrators and teachers in Choice Theory - Quality Schools. This allows all shareholders to properly channel their expertise and put together a curriculum that meets the learning needs of every child. More importantly, your students will describe their school as a place of joy and learning.


We offer:

  • Choice Theory and the Quality School Classroom (Teacher's Training)

  • Helping Students Build Self-Regulations Skills (Teacher's Workshop)

  • Helping Students Manage Anxiety In the Classroom (Teacher's Workshop)

  • Classroom Management (Teacher's Workshop)

  • Levels of Conversations - Parent Conferencing (Teacher's Workshop)

  • Growing In Love - Faith, Hope, and Love (Student and Teacher Retreat)

professional developmnet training sessio
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